Heaven is for Me

March 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Heaven is for the young and pretty,
The tall and slender,
The dolls with smiles permanently etched on their faces
They are never without their Cupid,
Nor do they neglect to let you know your modest peculiarity
Your fate rest in their manicured palms
Their eyes reflect the pining stares of a multitude
To have had that attention showered upon me
Would have wiped the starvation from my face
Tell me how I came to think
That heaven was for me.

The author's comments:
This poem is about living in the type of world where certain types of girls are idealized and become kind of the Queen Bees in school and later in society. It talks about the loneliness you can sometimes feel longing to be one of those popular kids, loved for what you look like but not who you are. I think it portrays the flawed mindset perfectly and I do hope what people get from the poem is that genuineness, that realness, and realize that we have to do more to make everyone feel more accepted for who they are. Heaven is and will always be for all of us.

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