Is it Right

March 8, 2012
By , Norfork, AR
The bite is so refined
As deep as I wish it to be
Glittering with silver lust
Shivering from the empty

Hidden so well
No one will ever see
Just between my love
And the ever inconspicuous me

When I feel it
I see rolling hills of glee
Tendrils of puffy white dreams
The loneliness does flee

I should be ashamed
Of my lover's bite
Twisted gleaming metal
Does how I feel make it right

I cannot explain
In so few words allowed
That I am released
I am unburdened from the crowd

Above it all I soar
I float with purple hope
The tingling is not a lore
It's here I don't have to cope

But it leaves me now
Damaged and on he floor
Calling out blindly
Alone just like before

So I reach with my hand
I cradle with my arms
Cooing at my love
I fall to it's charms

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