nowhere to be found

March 11, 2012
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i thought of you today i never had the real chance to say goodbye

how is it possible that your gone and i feel numb inside

where did are happy times go when we use to laugh together

when will i get the chance to stay with you forever

how long will it take for my words to get to you

cause once i see your smile ill smile to

I'd tell you my whole story of what you haven't seen

i sleep and think of happiness with you in my dream

will get that chance again to say hi

and never again have to say goodbye

i loved you so much to have let you go

but writing this is how i can show

that I've missed seeing you hearing you being with you

never again will i have to say goodbye cause one day we both new

that will be together once more

cause me and you both no for shore

that one day some way

will find each other someday

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