Beautiful Rose

March 10, 2012
By lemur1230 SILVER, Ooltewah, Tennessee
lemur1230 SILVER, Ooltewah, Tennessee
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How special is a roses pedals.
Unique is its color and form.
Like the beauty of the rising sun
in the early morn.

How strange, the flower reminds me of someones hair...

The rose's qualities are so detailed and complete,
So special and deep.
I could look at it all day without blinking and not weep.
Maybe the three mice became blind,
from not blinking when admiring the rose all the time.

I wonder why looking at this rose
reminds me of someones eyes I have seen many times....

The rose's sweet scent covers unpleasant odors to the point that I forget their existence.
Oh, but I know a girl that does the same.
With her sweet, kind heart that helps me in my bad times of pain.

This rose reminds me of someone,
but who could it be?
But of course! How silly of me.
The girl with the heart like a rose,
is no one else but thee.

That someone is you

The author's comments:
In love with a girl :).

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