He's Just a Boy

March 7, 2012
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He’s a
Boy that you’ve just met and yet you’re sure that
There’s nothing special about him. He’s not gracious or
Kind. He is sweet though, but only when he deems fitting.
It’s at that exact moment when you feel like giving up on him
That he slips back

in your head. It’s those
Hypnotic words

that he graces you with.
And those pretty blue eyes that have you giving him a second
Chance. He can make you second guess yourself in a matter
Of seconds. One second he’s there to walk and talk with
You and the next he’s gone and you walk alone.
Days go passed, than week than months and he passes you
Like a stranger. All of a sudden you’re sure he’s broken your heart.
But, oh wait! He’s back and he’s brought good feelings for you. All the
Past is forgotten

for the happiness is
Back, those blue

eyes are back and you
Find yourself lost

again. No matter what
The voices say your heart ignores all logic. You keep on thinking that he
Must care, he wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t…right? Suddenly
He stops walking and talking with you again and all this sadness
Looks ever so familiar. He’s gone but he’ll make you want to
Fight for him. But he’s just a boy no, no. He’s the boy. The

oy that is so very special.

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