Gone Forever

March 2, 2012
By Megan_LizFan GOLD, Centralia, Illinois
Megan_LizFan GOLD, Centralia, Illinois
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My grandpa died before I was born
And I miss him so much I am really torn
He is gone forever and is never coming back
His name was also Jack
so this is my poem loud and clear
I can see him every time I look in the mirror
Now he lives in Heaven with golden streets
Probably also has golden sheets
Still he's gone forever and he can't see me
And when people go to heaven they don't have to pay a fee
Some people say everybody dies sometime
But talking about my grandpa as you can see also makes me rhyme
I still miss him but as people say everybody dies sometime
And we still have never met
And I kind of wish it wasn't his time yet

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