March 7, 2012
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It has been barely over 3 years

Jan. 25.

Just after 5 pm

She was dead


she was my dog

my best friend

Though not as tragic to some

than the other event of that year.

that weekend.

It was a Friday the day she died

She had had cancer for a while now

it took a long time for us to know

what was wrong with her.

she suffered for quite a while.

I was right along side of her

I was at a friends

I didnt expect things happen this way

my mom called and asked where I was

she told me we had to go

We were going to say goodbye

I paniced right away

started crying violently

before I even got in the car

I could tell things were tense

watching me fall apart

made it all the more hard

on my dear family

whom were barley holding

their sanity.

When I got to her


I hugged her

she looked worried

about me

she had no idea

what was coming

I forced the tears to pause on the ride

to the Vet



woulod stop worrying

but I could not

for the life of me

stop my shaking

I was scared


I love her

I still do

she is still in my heart

I was with her through it all

I named her myself

I taught her tricks

walked her and fed her

I stayed up with her during thunderstorms

and pet her during her final breath

It took a moment

The vet was so casual

just letting us have space

when she went still

i couldnt take it

I broke down

I kissed her on the nose


I broke down

and left the room

I waited till I could control the sobs

and went back in the room

My family needed me

They were all crying

my dad

the second time I’ve seen him cry

my mom

one of the few

my precious brother

sobbing for the first time

since many years ago

we went home.

we all cried

we all were silent

I wanted a hug

but never got one

they all left me alone

and helped jacob for a while

I figured it was okay

I could get support from my friends

I was allowed to break down too, right?


Another tragedy occured that weekend

That sixth grade weekend

Someones dad died

I didnt know until I got to school

but when I learned I knew

I couldnt tell anyone

about her


She was insignificant

compared to a parent

I stopped knowing what to do

and told barely anyone until things blew over

I never got my closure

I never got my hug

my parents split up

everything crashed

but at least now you all know

what made me depressed all the time

and why I cant really remember much

of sixth Grade

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