We Are Our Future

March 7, 2012
How do you sleep peacefully at night? 
When the world is filled with all this fright. 
You say the world will one day know peace.
And that violence and hatred will decrease. 
Actions do speak louder than words. 
So we must fly amongst the highest birds.
Mr.President, do you see? 
Spreading the message, comes with no fee. 
Little kids are abused, 
And the parents we choose to accuse. 
But it makes us just as bad, 
When we just sit behind the news all sad. 
And those who are dying of hunger.
We are shameless for we throw out food by the numbers. 
Many kids kill themselves, 
For the mistakes of those who can't control themsevles. 
We don't care for the world we live in,
Because one day it'll burst to oblivion. 
For the biggest sign has approached us,
We must care for it with caress. 
Our world that is dying from global warming. 
We are oblivious even with the biggest warning.
What will our grand children live in?
When they've looked back to where we've been?
Why must some still discriminate? 
To those we must incriminate. 
It was the Africans who brought meaning to freedom. 
We shall not deprive its beauty like  arboretum. 
How about the Arabs who made english numbers and math?
Yet we still are always filled with wrath.
We all came to this wonderfull land for the same reason, 
So does it matter if I'm white or indonesian?
We seem to always forget the past, 
The times that made America an outcast.
For the reason that we are unique,
Because when we are down we reach the highest peak. 
And for the multiple times we've lost and then prevailed.
For We the people, We've never failed. 
We must stop at nothing, 
And make our existence mean something. 
We cannot let our history go to waste, 
Because we've worked too hard til this day. 
We've worked through blood and sweat, 
Just so our needs would be met. 
The future is for us to be,
My friends, we are the key.
Justice shall prevail,
For we are never set to fail. 
When a problem arises, We can not go to war, 
So when trouble knocks, Just shut the door. 
What will our future become?
When all is finally said and done?
And what will our children say?
When all their is, is shades of grey?
We must keep hope and pray.  
Take action now, There is no time to borrow. 
For we are never promised Tomorrow.
The perfect world, I can now envision. 
Tomorrows peace, shall be todays prision. 
oh How I wish I can sleep at night,
Knowing tomorrow's safe, When I turn off the light. 

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