So Low

March 6, 2012
Right now.
Life looks pretty bad.
Don’t know.
Why I’m so f***in sad.
Man this is bad, it makes me mad
To look back and see what I had.
Pissed at nothing
My life is crumbling
Mind is tumbling
Body stumbling.
Talk to no one
Live life alone.
Nobody loves me, look there they go.
“You got lots of friends, everybody knows your name”
That’s what they say
So what they know my name, what does that really mean,
And where were you when I needed help anyway?
Now life comes, in waves of gray.
And how dark, well man, that changes every day.
In these dark times, feel there’s no way to escape.
It appears that I am in pretty bad shape.
Now I need a hand
But life keeps demandin
That I just keep on standin
With no energy.
I’m practically dead can’t you see?
But I put on a smile
Look happy awhile.
Start actin like a giddy small child.
Now you think I’m fine
But I’m feelin quite low.
This life is just torture and it’s movin so slow.
Can’t wait for the day that I’m 6 feet below…

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