Saddness In Her Eyes

March 6, 2012
She sits in her window sill,
watching her school mates play.
Never able to experience
the happiness they embrace.

Her past is too painful
for her to ever say
She keeps it all inside her
yet another day.

Her peers never notice her
she always sits alone
and speaks very little, at a quiet tone.
At the end of the school day she dreads to go straight home.

She tiptoes inside and quietly shuts the door.
He is sitting upstairs waiting for her, she's sure.
For the kind of pain she goes through, there is no mental cure.

He calls her name,
She has no choice but to obey.
That night, drinking was to blame,
She sat there helplessly,
she didn't have a say.
He beat her to her death that day,
and let her body lay.

The next day came a sunrise,
just one she couldn't see.
there's so many things in that world that she could never be.

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