What It Is

March 5, 2012
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He was so mesmerizing
But was not surprising
I knew all along what he was
But I did not listen just because
All I wanted was to feel love
For this love I did not receive, just a silence no words an no sound
My heart was to far and bound
Love is not in my path
From what I've seen and felt just do the math
There is no love and there is no warmth I'll feel
But I now know that my goodness he will steal
Steal away my warmth inside me and leave me with a black hole
I feel that maybe someday it will kill my soul
Lost love, happiness and dreams
Died away in my screams
My heart barley beats, sometimes I can't even feel it moving
I lye in bed numb & alone, I almost find it soothing.
Maybe being alone is whats best for me
Its been two now and I wont make it three.

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