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Death Row

May 17, 2008
By Rezan Mosa, London, ZZ

Check it.

You gotta run. You gotta run. You gotta run for your life.
Don't look back, keep on moving.
Don't let your throat meet the knife.

You gotta hide. You gotta hide. You gotta hide your fear.
Dodge the bullets. Right and left it.
Don't let them see your tears.

You gotta stand. You gotta stand. You gotta stand your ground.
Show your strengths not your weaknesses.
Don't get pushed around.

Life is hard, kid. You gotta learn how to deal.
If you mess up keep on going.
See destruction, then you'll know how I feel.

I've seen it all, kid. I was there when I died.
That day my soul left my body.
I couldn't even cry.

'Cause i knew. 'Cause I knew. 'Cause I knew why it befell me.
'Cause I let them see me weak.
I didn't know it'd kill me.

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