There is another sky

March 5, 2012
By musical BRONZE, Lewistown, Montana
musical BRONZE, Lewistown, Montana
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There is another sky?
Can u see it in the eyes of the forgotten?
We sit here and live our lives as two thirds of the world remains rotten.
Are they all just forgotten?
In time will there countries and there lives heal?
With death and hunger surrounding, to them its all so real.
They have no way out no back up deal will they ever heal ?
Yet we sit up here so high and watch them all just die.
If we could all stop our war production we could end there destruction.
In the future there’s an odor an unforgettable smell.
The bombs have been sent off and the whole world has gone to hell.
And now the tides have turned and were the ones forgotten.
And the ones we ignored in the past could care less if our lives are rotten.
And now were the forgotten.
So there is another sky and don’t ask me why.
But we need to view more than our own or we can and will be left fallen and alone

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