How Did This Happen?

February 24, 2012
By KeepItClassy BRONZE, Benton, Arkansas
KeepItClassy BRONZE, Benton, Arkansas
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How did this happen?
You were doing okay.
There was nothing wrong
When you broke down that day.

There wasn't a reason
For you to relapse.
It's a shocking feeling
When your resolve snaps.

You picked up a knife
You destroyed your clean streak
You thought you were through
Feeling so scared and weak.

You weren't even upset
But now you don't know
If your mental health gains
Are as strong as you show.

It was the worst one
You made with a knife.
Inches across your chest
Burning deep with strife.

You feel scared and ashamed
You let your friend down.
Your regret takes over,
And in it you drown.

You are in shock
You feel broken
Being killed by
Pain unspoken.

The cut will heal
The shame will stay
You'll see that scar
Day after day.

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