The Sea is my lullaby

February 27, 2012
By Hayden3545 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
Hayden3545 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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The Sea is My Lullaby

Singing is the world to me,

It’s my own personal “WOOSHING” Mediterranean Sea
When I sing I feel free from my inner demon,

Free as a seagull flying across the Mediterranean Sea
Free to be whoever, whenever,

I’m like a star fish in the Sea
Free to express myself,

Like a shocked blowfish in the Mediterranean Sea
I can let out all my anger and frustration,

Like a hungry shark lurking in the sea
I can share my joy,

Like a dolphin doing flips in the Mediterranean Sea
An electric current runs through me,

Like two eels showing love in the sea
I have this talent just sitting in my throat,

Stagnant like a rock on the floor of the sea
Like a stuck piece of halls,

A fish caught between a rock and a high place in the sea
I want it to be taken out of my trachea,

Like a fish taken out of the sea
And into the ears of millions,

Like the sea world having mardi gras down under the sea

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