February 24, 2008
By mickerlange augustin, Sunrise, FL

Every night i dream of the perfect man.

so cute and his beaty shine inside out.

his smile turn my gray sky blue.

his touch tremble my body.

when he whisper the magic words

it my heart jump with joy.

the perfect kiss so soft and long lasting

those lips take me on a new magical place.

he brough me sunflower sometimes lilies

hmn my favorite.he love me so much words

can't described how he feel about me.

but he break it down in three simple words

i love you, he take me out on many dates.

pretty eyes, lips like bow wow, hair like

chris brown, a perfect body to match his perfect

personality. but when i open my eyes everything

disappeared, now i know dream are only meant

for sleeping, so i wake up and stop dreaming, maybe

someday my dream will became reality.

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