Dear Temptation

February 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Temptation,

Leave me alone. Why do you keep coming into my life and messing everything up? You not only tempt me but you tempt people I know and even people I love. When people around me are tempted, it not only can potentially hurt them, but it will eventually hurt me and I am just sick of people who are supposed to care about me just come right out and hurt me because they get tempted to do something. You don’t even realize the pain and hurt it causes me. The way that you tempt me is outrageous. Listen I know that you tempt people like it’s your job because it is your job and obviously people sometimes have to get tempted. It really is a part of life. I am not mad about you tempting me for that reason. I am madder that you tempt the person that is supposed to be one of the most important people in my life. My father. You tempt him in such a way that it has brought a depression in my life. It is sick and twisted the way my father has hurt me in the past and he just continually does it. It isn’t normal and no daughter should ever be treated the way my father has treated me. The bad part of it all is that I just let him. It is so hard to be mad at him but my heart just can’t help but forgive him. I wish my dad treated me like I was his whole world, but he doesn’t. When I was younger that is what I thought he was doing. But now I have realized that it wasn’t love at all. Buying me something at Toys “R” Us every Friday night isn’t love, it’s just giving me exactly what I wanted. I guess my dad doesn’t know how to love. It doesn’t entirely make sense to me considering that his parents have loved him endlessly his whole life. I just wish I had a father that accepted everyone for who they are. I know my father loves me but he just has a weird way of showing it. So temptation, leave my father alone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this letter because I have going through some stuff with my dad and I wanted to write a letter to what he has done to me.

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