In the Darkness of My Mind

February 10, 2012
In the darkness of my mind,
There sits a child hiding behind
A big steel door closed off to all
Who seek the trait that could cause my fall.

That child sits there and stares ahead,
Trying to hide the tears she’d shed.
Until she hears a distinctive knock,
And someone trying to pick the lock.

Pick, and pick, and pick some more,
That someone is almost through the door.
The child goes to hide that trait,
That will most certainly seal my fate.

The door bursts open and light shines through,
The figure that walks in is shining of light too.
He hugs the child, a fatherly embrace,
And takes away her pain without a trace.

He finds the trait the child hid,
He hold it up and takes off the lid.
Sparks shoot out, illuminating His face,
The child stands in awe of His kindness and grace.

In the darkness of my mind,
There now stands a lamp lit to shine
To show all of those who are after my fall,
That LOVE is the most important gift of all.

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