April 8, 2008
By Samantha Nantel, Milford, CT

While I was at the World Trade Center, all I saw was a hole.
A hole from where two buildings stood.
A hole in the hearts of thousands of americans.
A hole in which nothing could fill it.
Nothing tangible.
However, that hole is now being filled with memories
and the strength of the thousands who unite against the pain, the torment and the fear.
The pictures, the poems, the tears and the flowers
The children, the graves and the rubble.
How can this happen to a country so grand?
We are left now to show united we stand.
The terror of the day lives on as if it were yesterday.
Yet everyone knows we live for today.
What to say while admiring the grave site cannot be spoken in words.
It's a mix of emotions all being heard.
Take a glance at the pictures and it sticks forever.
I couldn't know how it feels till I was standing there and shivered.
Not because of the cold but because of the pain.
And out to those families, my heart does strain.
I remain speechless, tossed between my thoughts.
But for an answer, I have not sought.
I look to the heroes of that day and today.
Because of September 11, I've gained more strength.
I have looked to those who can show me a difference.
And to those who have and continue to show emphasis
that I alone can be someone too.
And that, I have learned from you.
While standing at that site, I thought of your name.
I thought of you as a hero differently, yet the same.
A hero to me, and a hero to others.
You don't need a glowing cape or a shiny gold letter.
You are a hero because of what you have done.
You weren't born with super powers, it's what you have begun.
You have started for me a journey I can travel.
A range of opportunities, chances I can unravel.
You have given me the push from the nest of adolecense.
I find I'm more than I thought because of your presence.
I admit you are a hero, but you are more of a friend.
And I much rather have that friend in the end.
Think not wrong of what you do because it makes a difference to me.
And to tell you the truth, I rely on it endlessly.
You are my source of strength, you who I turn to.
When things start to go down, you always pull through.
I can be myself, I can see my potential
because you've gone on as you are, to me, it's something special.
And when I find myself thinking of how I miss you,
I know it wont last too long, because your friendship is true.
You are my strings to the future and my dreams.
And I can't function without you, no matter how strange it seems.
And even in this world where devastation occurs,
you have helped me to smile and have opened several doors.
And to you I give credit for my success
for you are the source of my happiness.
And in this life no two people are the same
and I go on each day working harder at the game
for the same, there are no two days
except when today becomes my yesterday.

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