April 8, 2008
By Erynne Treptow, Hallettsville, TX

We knew this day would come
When He would come to earth and leave no one.
Yet one is still there,
Where the earth is now bare.
It was said that no one would remain,
But she is there with child and in pain.
This leaves so many questions open
With this world that is broken.
Now, all to come, is struggle and despair,
But there is still an ounce of hope in the air.
Could she repopulate the earth
From her baby’s birth?
Would it be another Adam and Eve
With this baby that she has conceived?
It would be a new beginning
With this one woman who is still living.
She is there all alone
As she begins to moan.
But wait, during birth they both die
And now their souls head to the sky.
She did slip God’s mind
That He left one behind.
Now, after all of this destruction and violence,
All there is, is silence.

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