You're Completely Wrong For Me

April 8, 2008
You're completely wrong for me but at the same time completely right... I hate you but I love you. You make me wanna cry and kiss you at the same time. I know you're bad for me but, I don’t know, you're just all I think about, all I want, all I think I need until you lie to me again or don’t show up when you say you will. Then with one phone call saying a fake "sorry" I’m happy again, like it’s impossible for me to hate you when I know I should. When I’m with you, you make it seem like nothing bad could happen that we would just lay together happily forever and you would love me forever. Then you leave and reality sets in and you go back to doing all those bad things that you did before; we won’t lay together forever and you don’t love me. You think knowing all that I would try to let you go, I've tried, believe me I've tried but I cant I want to but I cant. All I can think about is your arms wrapped around me and how I love it when I’m freezing cold and you just come over and give me a hug and I can feel your warmth and your smile and your sent and most of all how just one look from you and I melt. I don’t know what kind of spell you put on me but it worked. But I wanna hate you so bad, I hate the way you know exactly what buttons to push to make be believe your lies and just expect me to believe every word and like an idiot I do. Why me? Why did I have to be put on this emotional roller coaster with you working the controls? I mean why Can’t you just love me as much as I love you. Maybe when you break my heart again maybe, just maybe, I will realize that you are bad for me and I will move on and wont be there for you to play with my emotions, But then again I cant think of anyone else but you so who knows when and if I will ever realize that you just cause me pain not joy. Your completely wrong for me but at the same time completely right....

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