April 7, 2008
By Elizabeth Witcher Witcher, Kennett Square, PA

The fire dances, I can see the rhythm
The pounding that originates in my breast drives the dances
The driving force that summons our will, strength, and hope
It is the primordial beat of life
All living creatures yearn to join the dance
Only to discover the steps have been forgotten

The wind howls, I can hear the mournful tune
The melancholy melody I have known from birth
Buried deep within my soul, it longs to be released
It is the song of ancient magic
All living creatures wish to join the earthly choir
Only to discover the words to be erased

The water embraces, I can feel the frantic caress
The grasping of my heart as it clings to a vision
Etched on a memory of time and space never again to be known
It is the brush of the first love
All living creatures long to join the enveloping embrace
Only to discover the movements to be lost

But as the sun sets on the far horizon and life drains away
All creatures will lay in the water
All creatures will sit in the wind
All creatures will stand around fire
Slowly, they will join together
Their voices will sing in unison
And their souls will dance their way up to the sky
To the primordial land where magic and love reign

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