The Freebooter Fight

April 7, 2008
By Millie Rosen, Chapel Hill, NC

A pirate on the railing, swinging a lancet sharp,

Another on the vessel’s deck, ducking a fatal blow,

The leader fighting to the death upon a lowland scarp

The fearless one cavorting about, his ruddy face aglow.

The scuttled ship is swerving, heading for the sand,

The mainmast snaps and crashes hard, the cabin is ablaze,

Four corsairs hear a CRASH of wood as the listing craft strikes land

They leap clear of the wreckage as their former ship is razed.

The pirates tramp off ’cross the lea,
in search of craft anew,

When suddenly a shout arises from a
nearby town,

They race to fight against the foe and rescue damsels too,

But they’ve been tricked to walk the plank and in the bath must drown!

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