Ode to my Beautiful Shoes

February 16, 2012
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Ode to My Shoes
Psss… it’s me again,
You know your good friend
The guy that will stick by you tell the very end
But others think that day has already come
Only if they begun to know all the battles we won
They should conceder you to be like a person
Because to me you’re more like blood
Your hair is black just like dad
Although yours is due to the mud
You have a smug on the outside
Still on the inside your tidy (just like dad)
Your soul is pure and won’t hold a grudge
Strong, Mighty and loyal (just like dad)
But you want know what really makes me mad
When mom calls you soiled
Boy that makes my blood boil
Trying to convince me to where them new shoes just starts turmoil
Everyone has flaws
It’s okay that you blacken all my socks and
Invite all your friend rocks
All people have flaws
I go into rooms and forget to knock
I wake up late for school even if I set my alarm clock
I would never replace you
You’ll been backwards for me
You’re flexible to all environments (Just Like dad)
The other shoes are so sturdy and stiff
Putting on those shoes, No way
I’d rather jump off a cliff
I’ll stay by you any time, any day
It’s like you know me, it’s hard to explain
You’re my shinning ray of light (Just like dad)
Although I have to keep you out the rain
I don’t think your sole can sustain
You’ve been the only reason my head remains intake
Mom thinks my head is screwed on back
She wants to send me to church
I don’t need to soul search
I’m the most HOLY with you
Just kidding
I admire the way you can take a joke (Just Like dad)
You didn’t even react when I said it
Like you know what I was going to say before I spoke
It saddens me that I have to keep from the public eye
Those bullies will try and make fun of us
Really I think there Jealous or
Maybe suffering from envy
Those monstrous fiends can call me
Everything in their little vocabulary
It won’t hurt
I’ll fight them tell one of use is in the cemetery
If I when you can stick your tongue out but if I lose
They’ll leave me bruise and I’ll be in an obituary
Still defend you with honor,
Because that’s what dad taught me
That’s what dad taught me
Sorry I had to yell
All these thoughts running though my head
Got me feeling got kind of pale
I don’t know what’s with me
Maybe I need to pray to god
Maybe he’ll bring out the problems I harbor inside
Or I’m I going through a Depression
It kills me to say but I think you my sick obsession
R.I.P Dad

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EAR_SAP said...
Feb. 26, 2012 at 10:25 am
thx very much yea I think its long too, I appreciate your input it means a lot to me :)
Artemisia said...
Feb. 25, 2012 at 2:33 pm
This is a really unique concept, congratulations on that.  But it's kind of long, and there are a few typos here and there. I think this poem has a lot of great potential, but maybe it just needs a little polishing. I would've never thought to write about a guy who's obsessed with his shoes, though. I admire your creativity. :)
EAR_SAP said...
Feb. 20, 2012 at 6:54 pm
I'd appreciate it if you rate my work and if you could comment. I need to know whats wrong with my poetry. Thx (P.S be as harsh as you can :) I'm the type of person that needs tough love)
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