Storm Cloud Horizon

April 7, 2008
By Ava Gooding, Johnson City, TN

Storm cloud horizon

And we’re moving forward

Life loves challenge

I love the rush

The noise

The struggle

Bringing you into sharp relief

The contrast is striking

With your similar features


Pleading for calm

Mine rough

Eyes dark

Rampant desire

To fight

Simply to be fighting

No meaning or cause

To win

Just to be winning

No gloating or pride

Defeat never learned

Brought down a notch

Inevitable you say

And I sigh

Look away

Don’t try to watch my thoughts

You can’t realize

It’s you they want

Burning silhouettes

Of long worn words

Can you see them?

Black on orange

Beautifully charred

Fluttering edges and cracked surfaces

Reminders of that party

We threw so long ago

Metaphorically of course

I couldn’t bear the contact

And rejection wasn’t your thing

Have you changed your mind now

Come back for another round

The bell rings and we’re back to square one

Circling and weaving

Myself frolicking with shadows

Reputation is at risk

But you flicker in the scorched air

Promising to be here

And then you’re there

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