Inside I Cry

April 7, 2008
By Alyssa Zommers, Manitowoc, WI

Inside I cry, waiting for the tears to come out. Nobody cares how I feel, or if I were to die. Everybody judges me about my religion and how I look. Don’t you care about how I feel or anything else?
Inside I cry, so why don’t you care? You’re too busy picking on me like everybody else, that’s why. If I were to die, would you really care, would you miss me and feel bad for how you treated me?
I care about you while I cry inside, hurt with those words and shoves from you. When I get home from school and look in the mirror, what do I see? An ugly monster because of how you treated me. Words hurt and can’t always be fixed, but you shouldn’t have started in the first place. When I look at my arms what do I see? Cuts... because I’m so depressed and upset... I’d rather see the pain heal than feel it emotionally.
Inside I cry, now with the pain of suicide letters, yet nobody cares, and I don’t have a single friend. My old, so called, friends, pick on me and tell me I’m stupid for acting this way over what’s happening.
Inside I cry, because they don’t know how I feel about people, especially my friends and family, not caring about me, and how I feel at all or if I die.
Don’t you care?
I cry so much every night when I get home from school, but nobody hears me.
Inside I cry, the last cry I’ll ever make, I wonder if anybody will remember me or regret what they said or did.

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