My Oasis

April 7, 2008
Here come close, I'll tell you now
Of a place I love to fade.
A place of secrets and solitude,
A place I myself made.

Here in my secret, magical place,
Is a land where I can roam free.
Here I can do the impossible,
For here impossible ceases to be.

Here the sun rises in the west
As it ignites the sky alive,
Alrights morning's glow...fiery rows
Of rays, beautiful beams of fireflies

Here the mighty mountains touch the sky
So tall and wise and true.
On the summi, listen carefully
Advice they will give to you.

Here the wind brushes the leaves
Of the trees that truely live.
And if your ever in need of a friend,
They'll listen and offer a limb.

Here the ocean gently washes the shore,
Making the seashells sing for me.
The soft, damp mist brushes my lips
and waves it's waves with glee

Here in this place, when sky and land blend
To the dance of the ocean's song
This magical world then fades away,
Untill the next visit seems too long.

But here in our don't belive.
For nothing exists that you can't see.
Well here, I'll show you, come with me,
In my world the imossible ceases to be.

This here is the way to my secret land.
Just take my hand, you I'll lead.
For you are the one I truely love,
And I want only you to share it with me.

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