Slowly Vanishing

January 19, 2012
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Slowly Vanishing
It sits there, innocently staring at her,
Tempting her to pick it up,
To drink from the opening formed perfectly to fit her mouth.

It is just a brown bottle,
Full of liquids that she thirsts for.

The sound of the bottle being cracked open,
The first whiff of Budweiser that she inhales,
The feeling of wanting to chug the bottle takes her back.

Takes her back to those times of being able to forget how she was abused,
No longer remember the troubles of losing her kids,
And slip away from all responsibilities.
Making her look forward to what she soon will be consuming.

It smells unpleasant.
The taste is repulsive.
“It’s no big deal” she tells herself,
“I’m not addicted.”
But after each sip she takes the taste vanishes.

Making it easier to swallow,
Going down her throat slowly,
Feeling the burn in the pit of her stomach.

As the taste fades away so does her memory,
She thinks this is her only escape,
A break from reality.

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