too far

January 19, 2012
By austin94racin BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
austin94racin BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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Too far
Flying down the road as fast as I can
As fast as my body would let me
Red, and blue lights flashed all over the house
Is this happening?
Not a thought in my head was making sense
No this is fake, No this isn’t real. No, No, No.
The police are trying to explain
As I’m trying to understand.
Why, why did this happen?
Why, why did she do this?
Will things ever be the same?
Will I ever look at her the same?
You say it was just a couple painless pills
But it was just one too many.
The truth is poring into my ears
Tears are running down my face
The tears of a little boy run like a stream
A stream that screams
Why, why did this happen?
Why, why did she do this?
How could he push her that far?
How will I ever forgive him?
You call your self a father
A father protects,
A father loves,
A father cares,
You do not protect
Anyone but yourself.
You do not love
Anyone but yourself.
You do not care about
Anyone but yourself.
Anger starts to collect inside me
As my head straightened out
My anger builds up.
The cops start to yell.
As we begin to fight,
I screamed “It’s all your fault”.
These were the only words that come out
“It’s all your fault”
I screamed it till the cops got us apart.
Now the deed is done
This is the time where I man up
And accept the consciences of what I’ve done

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