The Mask

March 10, 2008
By Nicole Harris, Clarkston, MI

Tattered photos and faded memories are all that's left.
Your handsome face washed away with the sea,
replaced with a mask, a mask of bitterness.

Seeing the mask makes my heart go heavy
I wish you take it off,
I wonder if you still feel the same, even now with that terrible mask
Oh you're coming this way now,
my breath is deep when you look at me

You want to loathe me so,
but you know you never will.
Instead you just walk by,
because words could never capture anything anyway
You're far from the crowd now
I run after you.
The more I run, the further away you are,
Just like a bad dream

I cry apologetic words, but you choose to hear silence.
I just lie down in the sand and look at the stars
just like we used to, for what was probably seconds.
It felt like hours.
When I'm up again, I look down the beach
and there you are,
I think your masks gone, and you're looking at the stars.

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