March 10, 2008
By Alyssa Hunt, Clarkston, MI

The day has barely started
and already she feels like she has no control.
I should be happy, she thinks.
I have a great family, great friends, a great life.
Why am I so upset?

She wakes up afraid to face the day.
Afraid that it will only bring her more troubles.
Places one boney foot on the floor, then the next,
Struggling every step of the way.

Her stomach turns, tied up in knots.
Weak hands get shaky, tired eyes well up.
She rushes out the door avoiding breakfast
Because skipping one more meal will bring back the control.

Weeks have gone by,
But each day feels the same.
Emotions spiraling out of control.
Caught up in a whirlwind of vulnerability.

The only thing getting her through the day
Is knowing that come dinner,
She will regain control;
But only for a moment.

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