A Game of Fates

February 9, 2012


The World,

It’s all a Game,

No not one of luck, nor one of chance,

It is a game of Math, but not of the entirely obvious type,

The game is an unfathomably large equation with a vast majority of it Blacked out,

But it as also a game of: Strategy, Skill, Cunning, and Strength of Will,

A game where every choice we make,

A game where every breath we take,

Will affect the fate of those, whose lives come after Our Final Debate,

In this game everyone must play there part in at least one way,

And if you are lucky, or of the right mind set,

You might just get a mind teasing glimpse of this equation,

You must be patient,

You wont ever see it if you attempt a look in haste or desperation

Few will ever truly see it,

But for those who do,

I have just one thing to say, this game, it is true.

The author's comments:
This is a powem that showcases some of my uneque views of the world.

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