I Fear the Sand

March 9, 2008
By Greg Stearman, La Quinta, CA

As you go along your strife,
your endless challenges in this life.
What will you look to as a prop?
a ridged rock, or sand on a beach top?
The sand on the beach is weak,
though it may look safe and sleak.

The rock rough and tough,
its support shall be enough.
Look past now, this mortal desire
all the while the sand's,
evil ways are at hand
the rock, a sanctuary from your ire.

"I frear the sand. I have fight,
with the rock, it last all night!"

Many souls lost early on, in
sands sinking misery of sin.
Who of you build upon the sand?
I ask who? That he soon may not stand.
Remember now, remember now
the rock leadeth out of stormy waters like a bow

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