I Wish There Was a Way

March 9, 2008
By Amber Pearce, Harborson, DE

I wish there was a way
To live in the past
To turn back time
And not grow up so fast

The old wish to be young
Children want to be old
But i dream of the time
When the world wasnt so cold

I could laugh and cry
I lived without fear
I never cared what happened
As long as my family was near

Now i hold in my tears
I watch as life passes by
As people act like they care
But i know its a lie

I used to think life was an adventure
I learned new things each day
The world was my playground
Where i used to live, Laugh, and Play

But life has changed
Ive felt pain and been hurt
Ive watched others in need
And seen people treated like dirt

Those times full of joy
Have all passed and been lost
But ill hold on to the memories
No matter the cost

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