Forgotten Shadows

March 8, 2008
By Megan Cahill, Cranford, NJ

Soft as the rain to the dirt,
The rays of sun to your skin,
as gentle as the wind through the leaves,
as it glides its way through the trees.
We are beautiful, you and I.
A twisting and turning whisper,
Barely heard among the crowded streets,
The unwanted and forgotten notes in Beethoven’s masterpiece,
In a universe of faces and names to spell and spew,
They have easily forgotten the likes of me and you.
I once yearned to be the center which everything revolved,
The secret missing piece to make the puzzle solved.
But in your hands where my fingers lay entwined,
I am content to be a shadow, a secret never told,
Picasso’s original painting never to be sold.
There is a beauty in being hidden,
A rush in all that is forbidden.
The world might never care,
They will not take any heed,
None of it will matter,
Because you are all I ever need.

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