Kissing Good Bye

March 8, 2008
By Margaret West, Mountain Brook, AL

I can’t remember how to be,
How should I find me?
Where did she go?
What happened to her?
Why did she leave?
Now I am searching for the girl that was there before you and me,
Because the phone isn’t going to ring,
And there will be no one to hear me scream,
I am lost in the dark,
With no way to find my own heart,
Because you hold it in your hands,
My knees hit the floor,
I wrap my arms around me to prevent myself from falling apart,
They’ll never know that day part of my fell away,
They’ll never know that part of me died,
Because if they ask I will just lie,
I brush my tears away,
I prepare myself to face to my fears,
I wish you were here,
To hold me close and tell me it will all be okay,
But you are not and that is the worst part,
I am not the me of yesterday,
She has forever gone away,
It won’t take a while,
Tomorrow I’ll smile,
But inside of me I’ll be in the darkest corner,
To weak and torn to sew up my own heart,
To tired and broken to fight,
I am waiting for someone to turn on the light.

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