I Want You Gone

March 7, 2008
By Taryn Williamson, Colorado Springs, CO

When I hear your voice, I cringe
When I hear you laugh, I want to die
And your heartless mocking makes me so sad
It's a heartsick feeling
That comes from inside
When I see you smile, I get furious
When I see you breathe, My heart is sore
And your words spread like a virus
This depression, I can't take anymore

You make all my muscles ache
The dreaded feeling, I just can't take
You bruise my heart and
Cut back open my wounds
I need out, I need a break
When I bleed I think of you
I think of the sorrow my soul's been through
You make me feel inferior
Like your God, you're superior
But I wish you were gone
Yes I wish you were dead
So that this feeling I can't ignore
Would leave my head

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