February 6, 2012
By Anonymous

To this day it's not freedom which tolls our ears or signs our birth certificates

Its going to be one day of gloom and default when my generation relises its not too late when people say it is

We are going to stand next to each other in a time of pain and soothe the sound that is

The yelling and crying of the one we leave it too.

Can't you hear them?

Maybe you can't

I hear the voices loud and clear

The voices telling me that we are testing the strings that are holding us together.

I hear them

I hear the bland oh so ear spliting pierce that will crush you under its grip.

I hear you

I hear the somewhat maddening cry of my peers and sisters who stood with me in times of parrel.

I hear me

I hear myself telling me it's wrong and your not listening to me only after the deed is done

When will I and other learn from mistakes that we were all bound to make

Is there going to an after math

Will we as Maya said rise from the huts of historys shame

Maybe we won't

Yes.....to this day I will as she said dance as if I have oil wells pumping in my own back yard

When will the time be for a new time

Tho you may not be I certainly am tired of the never having a break in history that is on repeat

This is a time for my shine beneath the torn shreads of the past to shine through

Maybe if I shine bright enough You will see it too

And envy...........

And shine with me

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