The Light

February 6, 2012
By TickleMeSheli BRONZE, Doniphan, Missouri
TickleMeSheli BRONZE, Doniphan, Missouri
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I knew a girl that was hidden and shy
She ws a giver and a lover but unseen by most eyes
I knew a girl that wanted some friends
Nobody liked her so they just beat around the bin
I knew a girl that stood up for herself in many ways
It seemed pointless, she found herself in a dark, dark cave
She walked through the valleys with shadows and death
She got out alive but with scars she will never forget
I knew a girl that harmed herself to get rid of the pain
Everyone saw her, they just looked the other way
I knew a girl that almost commited suicide
She wanted the pain to be released from her insides
This girl i knew didnt know that anyone cared
All this pain she felt, it was way more then she could bare
I went up to her in the hall and grabbed her by the wrist
I told her that i cared but with a little twist
I knew a girl that was angered and depressed
Unliked and unloved, not like all the rest
This girl i knew was almost at the end of her rope
She didnt care anymore she had nothing to hold
Finally one day this girl saw the light
She grabbed ahold and held on real tight
I knew a girl that came back from a life of pain
With a new life started she had everything to gain
She goes through life not looking back
She lives her life like theres not a single crack
She's set in stone in forward drive
Like nothing at all has gone on in her life
She erased everything and started anew
The people who know her story, there a few
If this girl has had a impact in your life in any way
Get up in the morning, start a new life, and a brand new day.

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