The Final Buzzer.

January 20, 2012
I can hear it far off.
The buzzer rings, signaling the end of the game.
My mind is far off in thought.
I gather my things and say goodbye to my friend's.
I head for the doors and sidewalk.
I hear him saying "Imma stare at her 'til she leaves."
I turn my head to see one of my guy freind's looking at me.
I start to head to give him a hug and he does the same.
As I near him.
I feel the warmth he is bringing.
He wraps my arms fimly around my waist.
He pulls me in for one last hug.
I can hear my heart in my ears.

He told me not to freeze as I walked home.
I decided I will and told him so.
As a hurried to get to my warm house.
I felt shameful for what I felt.
I liked the kid.
But I had an amazing boyfriend.
The why was I so interested in him.
Shaking the worry from my mind.
I walked faster thinking it'd help shake it.
When this writing comes to me.
I don't understand why I can't shake it.
Why I wanna know more.
Why I care.

He is a big flirt I know.
Yet, I don't care.
He has a girlfriend.
It didn't stop his firm grip around my waist.
I'll probably jus another game to me.
But to me he is some fascinating.
Lost and Yet found.
What should I do?.

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