The First Day of My Life

February 7, 2012
By Alison Stuart BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Alison Stuart BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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What if i never saw you
what if i never knew
what if these days stopped going
and we never experienced new

What if the world kept turning
but in a rewind through time
so i'd arrive back at the moment
where it's the first day of my life

It's me, it's you
and our parents too
We're just beginning
to do what there is to do

I walk upon the steps i've seen before
but a different angle at it because before
i never saw it's true core

I get the chance to see the already seen
but i get the shot to get more then i got

Understand and cope with me now
for this is the first day of my life
and i'm just now found

You cradle on mistakes i use to make
but this is me and i'm here to change
i'm given this day
to rethink some things
so feel the wound for soon it'll be away
ways away, pretty fake
kneeling down, on new ground
feel the sky
why so high?
balance on tree limbs
i find the gravity
i yell some utters
and then there captured
never ending fracture
but its the way to lead the path
cope with the rest and you'll leave the cast
its great
its new
its me
its you
the little things
oh so simple
i haven't yet learned
to tell the time
so i scream, "thank you!"
for this is the first day of my life

The author's comments:
This piece is about starting over, receiving a second chance at life. You make mistakes but you take them into deeper meaning and you see things that were once small but as well have deeper meaning to you. Those that once saw you as someone who never learned from your mistakes now erase all of such and are able to take the new you in. Its the first day of your life.

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