A Tale Of Two Lovers

February 2, 2012
By Emma Nicholson BRONZE, Winters, California
Emma Nicholson BRONZE, Winters, California
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You are ugly and have no friends,
I hope your wounds never mend.
I would break your heart one thousand times,
Then go to the bank and steal your dimes.

We are learning poetry in our first grade class
At break I will make you eat grass.
Since you have no reason to boast,
I guess I will challenge you to a roast.

Twenty years later we can only look back,
When we looked at each other and pretended to hack.
If I knew you would become my spouse,
If you had asked I would have played house.

We are now married and have to kids,
They run about the house play Frisbee with a lid.
We drop them off at school and wave,
But just like us, they could never behave.

Our kids are now off to school,
There are no more waves in the pool.
Our pains of age make us moan and groan,
It would always be worse if we were alone.

We sit together in our rocking chairs,
And poke fun at each others grey hairs.
As we grow old I will still be yours,
Our fountain of love always pours.

Until we learned about your cancer,
I whispered your name and you didn’t answer.
On the hospital bed you lay,
I sat quietly as you passed away.

I stand here now at your grave,
Remembering the days we used to misbehave.
I had a wonderful life,
With you as my beautiful wife.

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