I Don't Understand

February 9, 2008
By Hannah Cruze, P.o. Box 217, OH

I don’t understand how I can want “him” this much?
How everyday, when he walks by,
The butterflies in my stomach seem to get worse each time?
How come when he talks to me, I get this goofy smile on my face?

I don’t understand why he seems to try so hard to be with me?
Why does he never give up on seeing me when we are forbidden?
Why does he look at me the way he does?
How come he calls me sweetie when we talk?

I don’t understand how our relationship works?
Why don’t we care if we get into trouble when we’re together?
How come we don’t even have to try to make things work,
When they just seem to come naturally?

Some things are meant to be in this world.
You just have to let things happen.
We met each other for a certain reason.
Whatever the reason may be, I know it has to benefit us both.

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