An Angel Among Us

January 18, 2012
By BlairBoyd BRONZE, Mandeville, Louisiana
BlairBoyd BRONZE, Mandeville, Louisiana
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In the desk next to me
Sat a girl full with glee
Beautiful blonde hair
With wings I could not see

As class passed a few words were shared
weekend plans and boyfriends were compared
"SHH girls! you need to work!" shouted Ms. St. Pierre
Together we giggled and acted as though we cared

At that time, I had no idea
That in about a year
This memory would draw a tear
In a blink of an eye a tragic accident occurred
And the desk next to me
Was suddenly empty.

Together our hearts ached as we cried
We could not forget even if we tried
We lost a sister but gained something new
An Angel to protect us and watch over us too
Someone there for us without having to call
And there for us whenever we fall

We miss her more then ever now that it's our senior year
Graduating without a sister was our worst fear
But when the time comes we will always remember
that the 2012 senior class gained something so dear.

Angelle Marie 1993 - 2010

The author's comments:
My friend Angelle inspired me to write this poem. She has impacted my life as well as our entire community. In 2010 she was killed in an automobile accident. She will always be remembered as our class angel. rest in peace beautiful, i love you.

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