The Girl

February 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The trees watched me run past
 I didn't have time to look back
 I was meeting a girl that had me at a grasp
So I could not slack. 

Her heart was as bright as the sun
while I was on the run,
she still cared after all my mistakes,
I still dared to have retakes.
Her brown eyes looks deep into my soul,
that makes me bend and fold.

 The thought of her runs through my brain,
with every memory I gain.
I look back at them for a smile,
hoping that they'll stay for a while. 

I see her everyday
Beautiful and flawless
I would treat her in the best way
Sweet and harmless

The days don't past by
When she runs through my mind 
My heart is souring way up high
and I can only wish she would be mine

I can't explain this feeling
That escaping now
From the depths of my being
Screaming out loud

The thoughts of being together 
Seems so close to touch
But I reach out my arms to hold her 
Everything turns to dust

This dream will turn about
My heart is beating out
And life will be a beautiful shout

The author's comments:
When I first started writing poetry, this one was the first that I actually got to finish. I hope y'all enjoy it

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