A Not So Happy New Year

January 14, 2008
11:56 p.m. -December 31, st 2007
Watching TV
Times Square is packed to the max with screaming fans
Oh I wish I could be there
Carrie Underwood has just finished singing he hit songs, “American Girl”, and “Before he Cheats.”
Ryan Seacrest is talking to Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers
Then they take the camera over to Dick Clark but I can’t understand what in the heck he is saying. I guess the stroke he had affected his speech. But all the doesn’t matter because even if I did understand what he was saying I wouldn’t listen.
I’m sitting here on the couch
Replaying my whole year
I see all my mistakes
It’s like I forgot about all the good things
I feel like all I did was waste it.
Today is bittersweet
11:57 p.m.
Replaying back now the year
And seeing all the things that made me who I am today
This last day of 2007 shows that I couldn’t fix what I wanted too
I failed the goals I set to complete
I ran out of time
I didn’t get to regain what I lost
Then on the other hand
This is a chance to start over
But I do want to have everything to stay the way it was before all the Drama happened.
I pray to God above that this year will be better for me
I don’t’ know if I can survive another year like this.
I wasted the year now I hope with 2008 I can make up for it.
I have to show them all I have what it takes to come back
And regain what I’ve lost.
Ryan Seacrest telling us how this year the Ball is twice as big and how this will be the most successful drop they have had in years.
I watch it start to watch the ball drop shining with all its glory
Everyone is smiling and I don’t understand why. Why don’t they feel the pain I feel?
I want to jump right threw the screen and stop it from falling
I am not ready for a new year
I want to fix what I have broken in 2007
2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!
Everyone is so happy
Fireworks going off
Yelling, Laughing, and Hugging
And all I can do is sit on the couch and only wish for a better 2008…

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