Who I Am

May 6, 2008
By Megan Phillips, Fort Knox, KY

They always doubt when I say
they don't know who I am.
They only know my outside
still they think it's just a sham.
Do they know the tears
that flood me deep inside?
Do they know the feelings
that I try and hide?
They don't know what I worry or what I see that the future holds for me.
They don't know my hopes and dreams
the person I wish I could be.
My fears and aspirations,
my truths and my lies.
What I'm really thinking,
when I look into the skies.
What I want or what I need
what I wish for everyday.
What I wish that they would say
to take my pain away.
What I feel and what I know
the thoughts inside my head.
Where my heart truly is
as I lie hear on my bed.
I hide behind this curtain
and wish to disappear.
If only for a moment, to hide from what I love and fear.
I could let you see my interior
let you in to help me heal.
But this wall stays up, out of love,
you will never know who I am, how I feel.

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