Perfect Pristine Princess

January 16, 2012
By Kelly Facer BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
Kelly Facer BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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I wish I weren’t so perfect.

So amazing

So outstanding at everything I do.
I mean there is not one thing wrong with me-
Not a half of a thing
And not even a quarter
I would not change anything;
My body,
My brains,
My house,
My car,
My friends,
My family,
Good grades? Check.
I got a 37 out of 36 on my ACT.
Talented? The best there is.

American’ s Got Talent said I was too good for their show.
Popular? Beyond

If I am absent, the school closes for the day.
Attractive? HECK YES!

My long legs and beautiful bouncy blonde hair make every guy look twice.
Money? No problem.

We have our own money minute down in the basement.
If Webster Dictionary had pictures,
Then my Root Studio senior shot would be placed next to the word perfect.

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