May 5, 2008
The sun's rays.

Dark and gray.

Should one feel alone

in this dullen place.

It almost feels so real.

Even though. . .

I'm consumed with hate.

Should I regret?

It's killing me like I never

thought it would.

Will I ever get through these

charades of overwhelming


I thought if once away

I could begin anew again.

I'm at my final turning point.

There's no going back.

Should i have said the

things i said?

Should I have done the

things I've done?

I felt it so necessary.

So necessary to hurt him.

To make him feel all the

pain that have felt.

I know that I'm not the only

one who deserves to hurt. . .

My suffering. . . it reaches

no end. Now who's left for

the wounds to mend?

Perhaps. . .and even

though. . .

It was never ment to



Such childish fools we

had to be.

Blinded by the needs.

The hope.

All false.

As false as our dreams.

I never recieved. . .

I hid behind our distance

and lies.

But was there any hurt in

not knowing the truth?

Should I have told you

that I hated you?

I guess there was no hurt

in not knowing the truth.

Knowing the truth is

what hurts. . .

You wanted this honesty.

Anything honest about


I never wanted to hurt


But yoiu did it purposely

to me. . .that's why I do

what I do and say

everything I say.

All because of you.

How I regret ever

feeling the pain.

The hurt.

The pity.

The sympathy.

I never should have

given it to you.

I'm cold as sapphire


I'm not alone. . .

Now, what will you


I gave you up long


I never knew why it was

I stayed for so long.

You were the one who did

everything wrong.

Even your meaningless


You and I never belonged.

I can't take back whatever

I said.

I can't recall.

I was blinded by red.

I will not miss you.

Even though you say it

was you I needed.


I will no longer cry.

Never shed another tear

for you.

I will let them have you. . .

I will no longer detain


Mutilate you.

Tear you to shreds. . .

Leaving no piece of

flesh left.

They will do with you

what they will.

They will do with you

what I never did.

You asked for these


You craved my hatred.

Now that you know it.

Feel it.

Can you embrace it. . .

my love?


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