May 5, 2008
By Olivia Kildow, Jacksonville, FL


near that place i am free
by this place i am calm
for this is where my heart lays
upon the silky shores
beside the breeze
within me i am happy
minus the few clouds
at last
within me i am free
besides the waves
beneath the dock
below the peir
past the clouds
beyond your imagination is where i lie


You don't fool anyone
Even if.
Even if my mask seems like I'm fooled
You left me at a 'why?'
With sooo many un told lies
I shut your book.
It's too confusing
With so many chapters missing.
Where are they?
Well, you left me at this dump-
So just SHUT UP
No need for pathetic excuses
Because we BOTH know
It's over


Save Me
As for I am sinking
Among all thesese people
For why am I in your sip
In it to sink again

Save Me I scream for the last time

Without any sympathy

For you

Toward you

Aboard you ship I am scared.

Aboar mine; I am free

Opposite of your ship

With no concern for you

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